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..The Weddingworld resides in Italy and helps people who come from around the world to realize their dream of a wedding in Italy, Venice, Florence, Cortona, Verona, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, in short, in 'any place you love the 'Italy, we are there!
The weddingworld a staff of 30 people working in Italy to realize your dream!
The Weddingworld also deals with marriage proposals organized in Italy in the resort of your choice.
The prices are affordable for everyone, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote and see that your dream will come true!
The Weddingworld will take care of your Italian wedding in every detail to give you an unforgettable day.

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Marriage economic rules to save

Assign a "theme" or "color" to your wedding. A fun idea and original, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. As for the decorations, it is always advisable to choose flowers in season, so you will save up to 30%.
An original choice and especially economic to do their wedding night. During the reception will be served a light dinner, certainly "less demanding" than the classic and hearty lunch nuptial.
To save money, it is always better to avoid the summer months (June-July-August), bridges and public holidays. Married in "off-season", in fact, you can also save 25%.
Cheaper and faster idea is to communicate to all the guests the wedding date through a text message, an email, or even with an invitation on social networks To ensure that relatives and friends have been invited You can also request confirmation of ricezione.Con a cost of € 15 (for 100 guests at € 0.15 per SMS) you will be able to save more than € 300 for the realization of investments, which, if sent, it should be added the cost of stamps (60 €).
An alternative to the traditional wedding favors, often unnecessary and bulky objects, is to turn to charities and non-profit organizations. Who has time available, however, can have fun with the wedding favors "do it yourself", maybe customized depending on the theme chosen for the ceremony.
There are those who choose to be giving the honeymoon, furniture for the home, or open a bank account "for the bride and groom." In this way, the couple will be free at any time of the year, as best they want to organize your honeymoon, why not, even booking it on the internet.
Whether you choose to get married in the most modern or classic suit, to save money, you can buy your dress in the appropriate outlets, choosing between sample collection and fine clothes. Alternatively, to save even more, you can resort to the same apparel rental or for those who have the size of a model, the purchase of the clothes that were worn on the catwalk, which are sold at heavily discounted prices, almost used.
To recover part of the cost, then you can sell your dress, even on the internet.
As for the reception, you can choose unusual solutions: from garden buffet lunch at km 0 or farm, in contact with nature. Or even, upsetting the tradition of the classic lunch, you can choose to invite all those who take part in the ceremony to a picnic at some park, having fun in an alternative and informal.
In any case, if you prefer the traditional receipt, you should choose a weekday, saving even 20%.
As can be seen from the table, the rent of the rooms has declined by 15%, as young couples choose for their wedding alternative locations or outdoors.
As for the photo to minimize spending without giving up a professional, then you can also request a "reduced" to capture only the essential moments of the ceremony.
Spending which, however, is that the bride does not give beauty care. Makeup, hairstyle and facial and body treatments are necessary before the wedding. The advice is to always contact the beautician of trust, to avoid disappointment.

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Fished by tradition, is very popular in some parts of Italy the serenade to the bride. The evening before the wedding, the bridegroom, accompanied by relatives, friends and one or more musicians will organize a serenade under the window of the future bride, "unaware" (so to speak ...) the thing. Obviously we will know the family of the bride, who will ensure that the princess of the house does not suspect anything. Upon arrival of the Bridegroom, hearing the first notes, the bride will look at the window and at the end will be honored with flowers serenade from the Bridegroom. Followed by a buffet offered by the family of the bride. For practical reasons, very often the serenade is anticipated to two or three days before the wedding date to make sure that the bride and groom can rest peacefully the night before and also in respect of another tradition that the bride and groom not see and not speak before the wedding.
Imagine being able to do the same thing to a balcony overlooking florence, rome, venice ..... that enchantment.


A romantic trip with a parade of gondolas with live music and singing aboard to make you dream along the canals of Venice, one of the best starting points at the entrance of the Grand Canal in front of the imposing church of Our Lady of Health. A gondola serenade has always been synonymous with romance!
Book your place on a gondola serenade and you can enjoy the charm of this experience that immerses you in the magical atmosphere of this unique city.


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That's what makes the weddingworld for you

Before arriving at the Big Day you need to prepare and organize everything carefully.
To make sure that everything is perfect you should plan things for time, or rather at the right time, so as not to be it 'too late it' too early, thus avoiding unnecessary stress!
Remember that Weddingworld helps you to organize your wedding in Italy selecting professionals!
If you decide to choose us for your wedding in Italy, this is everything we do for you
1 Year before
Set the date
Think about the type of wedding you want, so as to arrange everything according to a precise logic
Establish a budget
Choose the Church, and contact the pastor to check availability of date and time
The pastor will also inform of certificates and documents required
If you get married in a church other than your own you must obtain clearance
If you are oriented Civil Wedding, please contact the Municipal Official
Choose the location of the reception (location / catering / restaurant
6 Months before
Confirm the Church or Town Hall
Begin to play premarital course, which will direct you pastor
Prepare documents required for marriage (some documents valid for a maximum of three months)
Confirm the Church or Town Hall
Book the reception (even paying the deposit)
Select and buy the Wedding Dress: specialized workshops and visits
Choose Witnesses and ask for their consent (perhaps after a dinner invitation)
5 Months before
Compiled an initial list of invitees and people to whom you send only the investments
Decide on the music for the ceremony and for the reception and get in touch with who will be doing
Choose your photographer and videographer and defined with them the number of shots, the album and the installation of home movie
Your hire car or the means that will lead the bride to the church and the newlyweds at the reception
4 Months before
For the husband is the time to choose and buy your own dress Groom and his shirt and all
Choose and arrange investments, invitations and thank you cards (better to be a few dozen ...)
Fill your wedding list
Book the honeymoon. If you choose to go abroad, find out about the uses and customs of the place so you do not arrive unprepared and to avoid discomfort and embarrassment. Find out about documents and to take any vaccinations to Do
The Bride begins to look good and pamper yourself like a real princess, go to the beautician for a first beauty treatment, do massage, is' conscious diet. Take agreements for the trick
3 Months before
Choose wedding favors and bags for confetti
Choose wedding favors or gifts for witnesses: you can choose something in line with party favors or buy a personalized gift and appropriate to each of the witnesses
Define the menu of the reception, the wine list and the wedding cake
Organize your stay with relatives and friends who come from afar
Contact your florist for decorations in the church, the reception and the Bouquet
2 Months before
Check the guest list and send out investments
Choose faiths
Withdrawn documents for Marriage
Check the documents necessary for the Honeymoon (passport, ID card ...) and find out any prophylaxis to perform
Fixed with your hairdresser and make-up the appointments for tests of hairdressing and make-up
Choose any pageboys and bridesmaids
1 Month before
Departure for Italy
Try the wedding dress with all the accessories
Try it for a wedding menu
Buy clothes for pageboys and bridesmaids
What's Bouquet (chooses the Bride but will give it to the mother-in-law) and confirms the decorations
Take a visit to church, or in the City and at the reception with the musicians, the florist and the photographer
Decide the readings for the Church
You will do all this in a week with the excellent organization of Weddingworld, and then return to your home
15 Days before
Withdrawal of the Rings: The tradition wants them to be witnesses to give faiths and then they will withdraw. If you choose to buy from you, it will be the groom to withdraw
Check the membership at the reception and stressed the undecided
Decide on the arrangement of the seats and type placeholders
Purchased the bearing holder faiths
Buy clothes for after the ceremony ...
7 Days before
Back in Italy for your wedding!
Last fitting of the Wedding with all the accessories, makeup, hairstyle
Sometimes wear shoes at the hotel!
Tell the caterer the exact number of guests
Go to parties and stag and hen respectively arranged for you by your friends and friends
Go to the hairdresser to cut and touch up hair color
Confirm the details for the Honeymoon and withdrawn documents
Pack your bags
Ricontattate the florist, the restaurant / catering, the photographer, the driver, hairdresser, beautician, and all suppliers for a final check.
2 Days before
Arrival in Italy of relatives and friends of the couple, the weddingworld going to welcome them at the airport and accompany them to the hotel
Withdraw the Bride dress and check it in detail
Go to the beautician for waxing, manicure and pedicure
Given the beliefs of a witness
The groom is organizing the serenade ...
The Day Before
Confirm appointments with hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer, driver for the next morning
Do check the layout of the tables, decorations, etc..
Settled accounts with suppliers
Entrust to someone you trust (friend, his mother, a sister) everything you need to touch up your makeup, as well as a spare pair of socks and a pair of comfortable shoes
Take a relaxing massage
According to tradition, it would be advisable that the couple could not be seen on the day before the wedding, but if you can not stay away do not worry, nothing will destroy your love ...
The Day of the Wedding
The Bridegroom is prepared to wait patiently for his beloved Bride
In the hotel the Bride, after receiving the bouquet from the future mother-in-law, there will be the first photographs, the photographer will take care of the decorations
The arm of Dad or whomever, the bride leaves the hotel to reach the Bridegroom and crown the great dream of love
After the wedding
Pick up the presents fateveli deliver at home
Give these wedding favors to those who did not attend the ceremony but they did anyway a gift
Do not forget to send thank you notes to those who attended the reception

The weddingworld give to all couples who have decided to organize their wedding in Italy with the weddingworld, a fantastic stay in Tuscany!
Happy marriage and a good trip.

domenica 4 novembre 2012

Your Wedding in Rome

Have you ever thought of getting married in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

The organization of the wedding in another country can be difficult and stressful but weddingworld can help make this event a memorable and special day paying attention to every detail and make it your wishes come true.

You will receive the maximum legal assistance to organize and take all necessary documents for your wedding.

You can even choose the location of your ceremony. Do you prefer a classical wedding in a famous church in the historic center of Rome, or be able to get married in a castle or a villa?

The weddingworld offers the opportunity to make you live an unforgettable ceremony. These are some of our suggestions laTorretta de Massimi, Castle Frederick of Swabia, or the Castello Scandeluzza which also has a small chapel.

If you prefer to organize the ceremony in a villa can offer you a wide choice of the most beautiful villas such as Villa Cassia Villa Manziana, Spell Villa, Villa Santa Rosa, Rosa Borghetto Villa, Villa Palombaio.

Be enchanted by these beautiful and unique structures!

Weddingworld also takes care of the catering service that will be prepared with traditional Italian cuisine

Our chefs will present their specialties and organize a large buffet. An orchestra will make you live in an atmosphere even romantic atmosphere.

We can also satisfy your needs in terms of floral decoration with beautiful flowers.

A photographer can capture these special moments for you and your guests, setting up a video-photo to remember this magical day.

In addition, the photographer will be happy to weddingworld immortalarvi in ​​the most romantic and typical of Rome and beyond.

A hairdresser and a make-up artist will be at your disposal for any request before the ceremony. for you and your paren

There will be a limousine available to spouses and guests for the entire day.

In short, the weddingworld will take care of you and your married friends and relatives, before, during and after your wedding!

sabato 3 novembre 2012

gay Marriage

A same-sex marriage is the union of two individuals of the same sex, "who are committed to a full communion of life with respect for mutual rights and duties The known and widespread expression-sex marriage-in fact indicates a valid marriage, whether it be civil or religious, whose contractors are part of the same gender.
The opening of marriage to same-sex couples is worldwide one of the main demands of the militant homosexual. This request policy is designed to eliminate completely by the legislation, any difference in treatment between heterosexual and homosexual.

With our agency you have a unique opportunity to marry in Spain thanks to a corresponding office specializing in gay marriage.
  We realize your dream of love from start to finish: we think of everything!
  We can book you for your wedding:
- Booking of the hotel but if you prefer to have a gay exclusive four-star hotel located in the gay area
- Organization of the pre-wedding party, bridal shower or celibacy with personal guidance during the night through the hottest gay clubs or even those most exclusive heterosexual or typical streepers
- Limousine service etc..
- Restaurant with theme nights or traditional, catering for the wedding or private party.
- For the choice of the service, personal shopper and image consulting.
- Shopping tours are customized for your choice of dress, hair and make-up artist,
- Relaxing massages (chocolate, facial masks ....) and beauty treatments in the spa at the hotel five stars
- Flotacion relaxation sessions.
- Wedding

-After the wedding ceremony up to you to choose to celebrate your wedding remaining in Spain, or perhaps fly in Italy, for example, in Venice, and live a dream wedding.

Beware the ceremony is legally recognized by the Spanish government only if you are registered for at least two years in Spain. For tourists, however, are performed ceremonies big and important symbolic value.
  In addition we can provide for the extension of the living room with a wonderful honeymoon in Italy.